Friday, March 20, 2020

For the Birds!

Hello to all! Hope everyone is doing well, staying creative, feeling hopeful and staying healthy. Things here are fine. Glad to have an "in home" job with my Etsy shop. Finding things to do is not a problem for me. Finding enough time with everyone else home.... well, I'm sure you can relate. Nice to have some company.

I have been working on these new Floral Pet Pincushions. The next batch coming includes Birds! I love bird watching. Spending so much time outside with my pup, Jordy, gives me an opportunity to see who is singing and what they look like. This month, the Robins have returned. Oh that makes me so happy. I had to start with this Robin print. Hope you love it too.

I used a wonderful line of fabrics called Flower Market from Riley Blake. I picked it up on Etsy at SojoFabric. I made a few pincushions from it. I'm so sad to see it gone. Just when I find a great all around fabric, it goes out of print.

Love that crochet flower on top? It came from Crane Crochet. She is so great to work with and does some amazing crochet.

Well back to my bird prints. More are on the way but here is a Cardinal and a Blue Bird Pincushions. They are currently in my Etsy shop.
Take a look at the pins that come along with these cuties! Hand blown glass bird pins come along with each pincushion!

Here are the new bird and dog pincushions just added to my Esty shop Fiberluscious-
We have a sweet Budgie, Callie the Collie Dog and last but not least, the Blue Pitta Bird Pincushion. I love them all!

Lets all be safe
Be Creative
Be Kind
and Be Healthy!



Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Gosh Jill, where have you BEEN! So glad to see your post.
xx, Carol

Fiberluscious said...
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Fiberluscious said...

Hi Carol! Thanks for stopping by to say hello! I just have to post more often, I know. Thought you might like my birds! New ones are going up tomorrow, I hope! Just want to add that I love your pic! I am nearly gray these days and am trying hard to change my profile pic. I'm afraid no one will recognize me. Your gray has inspired me to make that change. Soon!

Vicki Boster said...

Jill these are so exquisite. Your talents are ever blooming... so wonderful to hear from you. I’m happy that you have continued to create so beautifully. Stay well..