Friday, July 11, 2014

Play Time!

I know I said that my next post would be a stitch lesson. Sorry!

Its just that I have had some play time and I just wanted to share my most favorite pincushion. I say they all are but this is my new favorite.

I used all vintage fabrics in it. I had ordered some beautiful feedsack pieces from Etsy along with a group of vintage cottons in assorted prints. I also found some beautiful hand quilted blocks in a soft pink and black and white print. They feel like soft rose petals. The colors have this lovely faded patina. The prints are fun, a bit bold and some just plain homey. I treasure these fabrics, but I promised myself I would not allow them to collect dust.

Isn't it just so hard to cut into some fabrics? Well, I recommend that you just dive in. The water is warm and playtime is fun!

Because I only have a few dozen I mixed and matched colors and prints I probably wouldn't have I had more. In fact, I had been pondering what to make of the green print with the bold black and white fabrics. How wonderful is that?!
It made a great framing color and the sturdiness of the fabric made a great back. I think it was from a table cloth or home dec fabric.

My favorite part is the embroidery. You know, its been so very long since I have had the time to do something new. I think that each design I find time for is going to just explode from my heart, like this one did. The bird is a purple finch. I have a flock of them nesting near my bird feeders. This is the male. The female is speckled in many shades of brown, like a cup of coffee as you stir in your cream.

I love how proud he sits on his perch. I try to do a few sketches while they eat. I have eighteen different birds coming to eat at my pine tree diner. I adore them all. Its so relaxing to hear them sing and call to each other.

Well, I just wanted to share this one with you. It sold 30 minutes after I listed it, so it wasn't around long. It did go to one of my dearest customers. She is giving it to a friend, which makes me so happy. I almost kept this one for myself. It was hard to let it go, but it went to a very good home so that makes me feel better.

I have more fabric left from my vintage collection. I also have about 30 new fabrics to show you! I have them photo graphed, but not processes so it may be a bit. I have a back log of orders to work on again. Oh my. Play time is so precious. I will try to sneak in some new things soon. In the meantime, I have some tutorials to prepare for my next post!

Well, I hope your summer is warm and fun and you are finding time to play. If you can't find it, make it! You never know what you will discover!


Mãos e manias said...

Love your bird! Have a nice summer too!

Julie said...

Absolutely gorgeous!


Stunning as always! I'm delighted you found time to explore your inner child, dear Jilly! I was invited to join a Group Board on Pinterest today - HANDMADE for KEEPS - and this was my first pin! Hope you get lots of attention, not that you need it of course! Cindy from

Susanne Sieck said...

I was the lucky person to receive this from my sweet sister in law Tracey and I adore it!! Thank you for your lovely creation - its almost as lovely as she is. Thanks to her I now have a few of your wonderful creations!! - Susanne