Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sassy, Springy Pincushions inspired by thoughts of Springtime.

Hi all! I just noticed my last post talked about cold and snow. Gosh its been such a long winter. We are just not getting some warmer days. Its spring on the calender, but Wisconsin weather kind of does its own thing. I will take each day of warmth and sunshine as a gift to cherish. Like my newest little house, I'm happy to snuggle up in my studio to work.

Its been so crazy this year. In past years, I had a nice long lull to recouperate from a long and busy holiday season of sewing and stitching. This year it just keeps getting busier! I had hoped to take a creative vacation last month but it never slowed down long enough to be able to relax and enjoy any kind of break. So, it looks like that rest will have to wait for later this April or maybe May. All I really wanted was to have some time to work on new projects. Since I can't find the time, I decided to make it! A day of play only adds fuel to the creative fire. When I stop loving what I do, it will be time for a very long break. In the meantime, my fingers are still flying!

Here are 2 pincushions I just finished. I think my brain has been wanting to play for so long, it only needed permission to come up with something fresh to share with you all. I put some new fabrics on my work table, grabbed my little frilly things, vintage flowers and a few tools and before I knew it, I had these pretty pincushions finished!
Here is a feminine little cutie made from a sweet blue rose print I recently found-

I didn't want it to be too "matchy matchy". I wanted to keep the design simple and fresh. I used my classic pincushion pattern as a basis for both of my new designs. You can find a tutorial here- Why not try one of your own! Its really easy peasy!

This next design kind of exploded out of me! I found adorable lacey vintage mini-doilies on Etsy at SimplyStephy. The fabric was the true inspiration. It just sang a song of spring. I decided to put the emery on a mini pincushion which sits on top of the main classic foundation. I used perle cotton to separate each section. I added some fun pins and before I knew it, I had a new pincushion to add to my Etsy shop- Fiberluscious.

I also have been working hard on many orders. I've met some great new people who have injected a dose of enthusiasm in my work. They have so many ideas for future pincushions. I wish I had a second set of hands to keep up with their wonderful ideas. There are so many!
Let me show you a few of the items I've been working on. A few are recreations of past designs. I'd like to think that each project has a unique twist. I think everyone deserves an original!

A little crazy quilt tribute to our favorite feathered friends-

I saw my first robin last week. It just has to be spring now!

Here is a Garden of Delight wool needle case. I have a few more just about ready to ship. I love creating this one!

I am not sure if I ever shared this pincushion with you. It came together using some lovely vintage feedsack fabrics and some cute embroidery designs.

Well, back to work for me! My grand daughter is due tomorrow so I have lots to do on my sewing day.
Hope you are feeling inspired and ready to work on your own creations. There are so many fun things to do and just so little time!


Bev said...

All gorgeous (as usual)! It's finally getting warmer here too and wouldn't you know it, we are starting to have tornado warnings and big hail storms...sigh...Goes with the territory. I'm worried about my big trees because they aren't even budding yet. I'm hoping all of those days with 15 below zero didn't kill them! Anyway, waaaay off the subject. Your work is fabulous! Thanks for sharing! It's an inspiration! XO

By Neymes said...


Three Sheep Studio said...

Beautiful work Jill.
Eager for Spring, but sad to see my long sewing days of winter pass by.

Missy Shay said...

You are so talented! I agree, we need to have time to have fun or we just get bogged down with sewing and it's not fun anymore.

Susan Hook said...

Everything is so gorgeous!

Patti said...

Hi Jill, I just discovered your blog and quickly became a follower! I do have a question for you regarding an Etsy shop that you named called Simply Stephy. None of the links work and Etsy claims to not have a "Simply Stephy". Could you help me? Thank you

Createology said...

Love all these sweet little pincushions. Creative Bliss...

Kamao Poot said...

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