Sunday, September 15, 2013

My new beginning just begun!

Well, my hubby and I are officially moved. We decided to do a slow move, taking our time...doing it ourselves. After all is said and done, I'm not sure I would do it again. It may be easier to do it all at once, kind of like ripping off a bandage. It hurts like heck, but it's over in a flash and you can move on.

Its been 2 weeks since I picked up a needle. They are so much lighter than a box of belongings! I miss my art, I miss my colors, I miss the feel of a fine fabric in my hand. When I can finally start working again I will be the happiest stitcher on planet earth! Just a few more boxes to unpack. Now where is my sewing machine?

The only thing that keeps me going is that I will finally have a sewing studio of my very own. No sharing with children's twin beds and no more quilting on the dining room table!!! Yippee!
Here I am at the dining room table. It really wasn't bad. It was right in front of my patio doors which let in copious rays of lovely sunlight and cool evening breezes.

I'll post a few pictures tomorrow. I managed to snap a few before all the boxes came pouring into the room. I have some great ideas for fabric storage. All my colors, fabrics and crafty goodness has been sorted. All I need now are shelves to put them on. Here are a few ideas I found on Pinterest. I have to apologize for not providing links to the artists and bloggers where these images originated from. I tried to pick pictures that had the website printed on the picture. However, many of these great ideas came from Flicker. A great image site, but not so great when it comes to giving credit where credit is due.

I find that organizing thread spools and bobbins is nearly impossible to do in a way that does not involve tangled threads. While moving I found many frames from my painting days. I can't wait to give these ideas a try!

Of course, dreaming is wonderful, but in the end you have what you have and some dreams are just that...dreams.
I have 2 matching bookcases similar to these in a lovely warm wood tone. Now, I can't see using a lazy susan as I can just picture placing my work table between the shelves, but I love how they used the sides to add even more storage!

I really love this idea! Using bookcases as supports for a roomy work surface is a great two for one deal!

My wonderful husband promises that he will build me shelves just like these! I can't wait. He is very handy and spoils me rotten. I'm one lucky gal.

I have a nice computer desk which wraps around one corner of the room. I may put my sewing machine on one side to see if there is enough room. If not, it can go onto the work surface. I kind of wanted that a bit higher, so cutting fabric is easy on the back. I guess its all just one more creative journey. I can't wait to show you how it turns out...that is just before it becomes one big pile of overflowing, crafty, goodness!

Here are some pictures of day one. That is, right before mountains of my boxes of fabric and other craft supplies arrived.

By the way, the birds didn't stay long enough to start a new family at the old place. I think they figured something was up. (It was for the best.) I'm going to put up a bird feeder here and see what happens. Our old place was in a small town and our apartment was high on a hill surrounded by trees, grass and gardens. Here...well, we have grass and big trees. Its a bit noisy and the sky is not filled with a thousand stars, (that you can see that is). I'm sure there up there, just can't find them in the city lights. I'm curious to see how this change affects my art. Hmmmmm. You just never know!

While I know I will miss my sunshine and the universe of stars at my fingertips, I believe that attitude is absolutely everything. We chose this place for so many good reasons but its not home. Its a stepping stone to a house. We may be here for years and time is much too short to waste on waiting for the ideal situation. If I want it to be great, that is a choice I make now. I choose to create a "home" and a studio that inspires beauty. Its funny. My next door neighbor always imagined my apartment to be a showcase. In reality, it was homey but not what she imagined. She always saw the flowers I grew and the paintings though my open windows and it was her imagination that made it beautiful. Life is like that...and that is a wonderful thing.

One more thing....
Its funny. I always thought that beautiful work had to come from a beautiful workspace. You know, like in the magazines and blogs. For many years I worked in my living areas. I kind of felt like I wasn't a real artist until I had a studio. In the end, it all really just came down to having a place to put my pins and sharp things where my grand daughter (2 1/2 yrs) wouldn't get hurt.
I've seen the beauty that comes from you all. I was so wrong.
Beauty comes from the hand and from the heart- not from a space.


margaret said...

good to read you are in your new home and more importantly getting youir sewing room organised. Like the idea of the cubes with a board on top, I keep all y fabric in boxes and would love something like this so I could see what I have, would make life much easier. Mind you I sew in the kitchen as it is the warmest room in the house and I can manage without heating, just light the top oven when it is cold and I am as warm as toast!(More pennies for fabric this way, have my priorities right!)
I am sure you will be getting birds to visit, I am in a city and they come to my bird table, not exotic ones mind you but enjoyable to watch.

Susan Hook said...

Good luck in your new home, you have found some nice design ideas for your new work room, I could do with a room of my own, crafting can take over the whole house if you aren't careful!

Missy Shay said...

I'm moving in six weeks and am looking forward to finally having a sewing studio also. We are moving from the city to the country, which I'm pretty excited about!

Createology said...

My that is a big accomplishment! I adore that you are taking your time and inspiration to create your own space. Your creative bliss is indeed in your own power dear. Blessings...

Kay said...

Good luck in your new house and dedicated sewing space. I keep all my fabric and sewing things in our bedroom, the sewing machine in a box in the hallway, and work at the kitchen table. I am sure it will be lovely when you have settled in.

Kim said...

Your fiber art comes from loving hands and not always a perfect art studio. Those art studios on where women create are so nice, but not a must!!! Your space is wonderful and it will become part of you with each thing you add!! I just think you are an awesome fiber artist and no matter where you sit, something fabulous will come from your hands!!Enjoy your new space!!