Friday, June 8, 2012

Two Pear- The Joys of Collaboration

Two Pears for Two Pair
The Crazy Quilted Bosc Pear

Perfectly Pink Pear

I really love the collaborative process. I wish more people would contact me with their ideas. Often, the best projects involve working with other artists, but it doesn't always have to be the case. Anyone with a favorite color and an image in their heart is a great partner in creativity.

I've done so many apple pincushions in my shop and I really love thinking of new ways to adorn them. But, every once in a while, its good to shake things up. Thus, the pear pincushion. I have so many beautiful images of pear pincushions in my Pinterest Board called- Stick with Me- Pincushions as an Art Form. I love how the shape reminds me of one of my favorite aunts. Creating a pattern was very hit and miss. I still don't know if I really have the right slope.

One of my best clients is always filled with ideas. She has favorite fabrics, loves vintage mother of pearl buttons, civil war reproduction prints, and so many things I really have enjoyed discovering. She usually picks out something I've made in the past and see's it in a different fabric, with different adornments, etc. I've been fortunate in my life as a portrait artist to explore the same process through paint.

Crazy Quilt Pincushion with robin's eggs

So, whilst visiting my blog or shop, or Pinterest board, please feel free to let your mind wander. Either to find your point of view in something you see and try it out. I don't mind if you try to do what I do, only if you do it your way. Let me be a stepping stone to something amazing. If you are not the type to sew what I sew, ask me to give your idea a whirl. It would be my honor.

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