Thursday, March 1, 2012

Who put the snow on my spring fever?

Well, its Wisconsin where the winters are long and cabin fever burns deep. Its been a really mild and relatively warm winter. Unseasonably warm days have given me a touch of spring fever. Despite my better judgement, I've allowed it to sow it's seeds in my heart. The days are awfully gray around here.
We've had 3 snow falls in the last few weeks. That's just a few more than we've gotten all winter! I love the snow. I really do. I just hate the cold. Even on cold winter days I am drawn to my "penthouse" perch, (balcony) in our apartment. I'll throw on a big sweater and my mittens and enjoy a breath of fresh air now and again. As you can see, the view is lovely. We figured that it extends about 10 miles in one direction. Its a bit gray now, but in summer, well, its breath taking. The last snow was comprised of huge fluffy snowflakes that drifted softly and slowly in every direction. They left piles of white on each branch in site. Photos just don't do justice.

I am a sucker for a snowman. In fact, each snow I go out and make 2. Here are the sad remnants of the last pair I made after a sunny day.

These are the days I'm glad I work at home. Driving in it is a whole different story....

Being stuck inside can be wonderful. Errands can wait another day. Its inside play time and I've had many days to enjoy staying inside, wrapped in a big fuzzy sweater and stitching to my hearts content!

I think I complained about how few snow storms we've had too soon! Its been snowing ever since. This last one was so beautiful. Looked like the world was sugar coated.

Maybe it's time to bring my garden gargoyle in. Although, he seems to be enjoying playing in the snow!

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