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Come Stitch With Me!

February 16th

My Expanding Life Sampler Project
39 Stitches by Amy Powers

I am starting a new project and I hope you join me.
I've been contemplating a Stitch Sampler for the last year.
I just can't seem to find or make the time for it. Yet, I think about it all the time. Thinking and doing are very different things. It's about time I begin this thing before it makes me crazy. So I am challenging myself to do just a bit each week. I know it will make me happy to finally call it finished.

Here is my First Challenge
My deadline to post a completed step is Saturday, Jan 28th.

1. Create the base fabric which will be 12" x 12". That will be a great size to fit into a Shadow Box.
This base will consist of a wonky patchwork. I love stripes and I love 9 patch, so somehow there will be a bit of each block in my base.

2. I will stitch one piece of my sampler on wool. The size will be no larger than 3 x 3 so I can create an image from a combination of stitches.

That is my promise to myself.

To see some beautiful inspirations and more of my musings about my Sampler Challenge click on the tab above- "Come Stitch With Me!"
I hope it inspires you to start your own project!!!

Here is how my awful computer sketch has translated into fabric. I'm so excited! I can finally envision what I want to do. Thank goodness the days of indecision are behind me!

I am using a color palette that is rich and varied. I love each and every one of these fabrics. These are the base pieces. I just sewed them down, (bottom layer only. I mostly used a simple straight stitch on my sewing machine. Where the edges will show, I used a fun zig-zag and some sketchy triple stitching. I the patches down with a spray bottle and ruffed up the edges to give them a more worn-in look. I would suggest a run through the washer if you really want the edges to get ragged. I'll photograph it when dry.

I have 2 stitched pieces finished. The stitches used are shown on my Stitch Tutorial section. Click here to see how to stitch my 7 favorite stitches.

As each sampler piece embroidered, I'll add it onto the base.

This sweet leaf features 3 very easy stitches you will find in my stitch tutorials. The leaf is outlined with a back stitch. The top section contains a few chain stitches, or lazy daisy stitches. I added a french knot in the center of each flower.
The bottom section is filled with satin stitches.

This fun little bird contains many of the same stitches. The fishbone stitch I used on the wings is new so a tutorial will be added. It is basically a satin stitch. Instead of it going down a single column, it alternates between the right and left side. It reminds me of a feather.

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